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Dropping Odds Tips

Time Team Home Draw Away Tips
Italy Serie B
14:30 Como
Pordenone Calcio SSD
1.93 3.40 4.58 1
15:30 Levante
Atletico Madrid
5.91 3.75 1.70 1X
Brazil Serie A
18:00 Bragantino
Sport Club Recife PE
1.51 4.32 7.00 1
Mexico Primera Division
20:00 Atlas
Club Tijuana
1.51 4.33 7.33 1
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* Dropping odds
* Rising odds
* 1 = Home Team
* 2 = Away Team
* 1X = Home Team - Double Chance Win/Draw
* X2 = Away Team - Double Chance Win/Draw

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Time Team Home Draw Away Tips
Brazil Serie B
18:00 Sampaio Correa
Guarani SP
2.87 3.13 2.66 1X
20:30 Brasil de Pelotas
Nautico (PE)
4.64 3.69 1.78 2
20:30 Cruzeiro (MG)
Remo Belem (PA)
1.67 3.81 5.36 1
Chile Primera Division
17:00 Audax Italiano
Colo Colo
5.50 3.79 1.66 2
Columbia Liga Aguila
15:00 Deportivo Pasto
Atletico Huila
1.64 3.77 5.75 1
17:00 Independiente Santa Fe
Jaguares de Cordoba
1.61 3.94 5.70 1
France National
12:30 Sedan
Stade Lavallois MFC
2.84 2.96 2.74 1X
13:00 Le Mans
Orleans US 45
2.24 3.34 3.24 X2
13:00 Creteil
Red Star FC 93
3.53 3.13 2.21 2
14:45 Napoli
1.35 5.91 8.67 1
Italy Serie B
11:59 Alessandria
3.74 3.23 2.22 2
11:59 Ascoli
2.80 3.29 2.73 2
11:59 Brescia
2.56 3.37 2.94 X2
14:30 Crotone
2.81 3.31 2.70 2
14:30 Perugia
2.35 3.03 3.66 X2
14:30 Cittadella
2.53 3.38 2.98 1
14:30 Cremonese
2.19 3.26 3.78 X2
11:59 Brann
2.21 3.97 3.09 1
14:00 Sarpsborg 08
2.57 3.68 2.73 X2
13:00 Celta Vigo
Real Sociedad
2.80 3.41 2.69 1X
14:00 Granada CF
2.69 2.84 3.35 1
Sweden Allsvenskan
13:00 Halmstads
1.57 4.19 6.42 1
13:00 IFK Goteborg
3.43 3.55 2.20 2
13:00 Degerfors IF
4.03 4.13 1.85 1X
13:00 IFK Norrkoping FK
Mjallby AIF
1.87 3.61 4.61 1

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Follow the smart - The Big Bets Betting Tips & Guide

Insiders and better-informed punters typically invest more. Smart betting can sometimes be spotted by greater than usual volume, especially when little or no public data exists to justify it. Knowing which the smart bets is and when and where they're betting can be of great benefit to us who want to ride the smart punters coattails.

Below are some Guide for Soccer Big bets betting

1. Smart punter need a volume platform
Europe football Smart punters bet big and win by having edges. They need bookies to accept their consistently big and winning bets. As the result, they come to Asia. Asian Bookies tend to look for info to win money from the 1 billion a day Soccer turnover market .(Asia accounts for 80 percent of the estimated $500 billion in illegal betting volumes globally, according to Transparency International and the Asian Racing Federation) Asian football Traders get alerts from their system when smart punters place their bets.

2. Price drops after they bet on it but you can wait
In-running odds will move and goals will be scored. Take advantage of the football tips and bet when you are in the best position.

3. They are smart punters and not match-fixer so their wining percentage usually is around 50-60%
If you are confident in your own research about some soccer matches you can bet the opposite while the odds go up after smart punters bet on it.

4. They perform well in some football leagues in a period of time
Every betting system, strategy or investment will have its ups and downs. Take advantage while it is on the up and stay away while it is dropping.

5. Take advantage of the info you receive from smart punter
Since smart or sharp punter places their bet with Asia bookies and a few sharp bookmakers. Their odds will drop once they accepted the smart punter bet. You can use the info to place your bet on soft bookmakers who are slow to adjust their odds.

Soccer Big bets Betting Alert & System

Pre-Match Big Bets Alert System
How to win with this?
- Follow the smart - The Big Bets betting tips.
- Use the info to bet on soft bookmakers which are slow to adjust the odds.

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Bet against the public - Contrarian Soccer Betting Tips

Contrarian investing has a reputation for being a successful logic in a lot areas of investment. The opposite side of this is that betting with the public has a poor track record. Human nature being what it is, we are born to follow the herd. Contrarian investing is hard and this is why it is lucrative. People which can find niche in the market get their reward.

Below are some Guide for contrarian betting

1. Don't use the same data & analysis that use by the public
Nowadays every punters use h2h, form & stats for their analysis. Even some bookmakers provide that to their members. Will you provide your secret weapon to your enemy if you think they can use it against you?

2. Buy when everyone want to sell and sell when everyone want to buy. ( Beside smart punters)
This is where you find your value to bet on. Asia is where you find a lot of irrational punters.
"Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when other are fearful"
Warren Buffett

3. Most betting tips website wont tell you this because they earn while you loss.
Most betting tips websites have affiliate deal with bookmakers. They make 30-50% of revenue when you loss.
They get nothing from you when you win.

4. When Contrarian is right, public always use fixed matches as the reason for major upset.
This thing go over again and again, at the end contrarian is the winners in long run.

Soccer Betting Volume & Index System

How to win with this?
- Betting Against the Public - Contrarian Betting

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